How to Raise Health Eaters in a Processed World

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Dr. James DiNicolantonio Author of The Salt Fix

UNJUNK takes all the guesswork out of what foods we should eat, and which ones we should avoid, to improve the health of ourselves and our children.  A comprehensive guide full of real life take- aways but also not lacking in science.

Dr. Steven Lin Author of The Dental Diet

In a world flooded with confusing and conflicting information, UNJUNK helps parents to wade through a society of poor food choices, with an actionable plan for better health for their children.

Dr. Jill Crista Author of Break the Mold

UNJUNK is an incredibly helpful resource, absolutely packed with practical information, along with proven tips and tricks so you can take action immediately. The book provides transition steps to make adopting an UNJUNK diet easy to do within the real life of a family. The author’s experience shines through, having successfully helped families raise healthy eaters. From food ingredients to shopping tips, and even learning what kind of “feeder” you are as a parent, it’s all here. Truly fantastic!

Sara SadikAuthor of Finding Magic in Mommyhood and The Extraordinary Pause

As a mom of three, I’m always looking for an easy roadmap to follow when it comes to nutrition and anything beneficial for my kids. This book has provided me with just that and more! Detailing concrete examples with solid scientific backing, games and experiments throughout that I can integrate into our crazy daily routines is more than I could have wished for!

Kris FadeVirgin Radio Host and Founder of Fade Fit

What a great book, the author is so knowledgeable! There are so many amazing things that I will take away for the rest of my life.

Zahra Abdalla Author of Cooking with Zahra

UNJUNK is a wonderful and insightful book. It is a must-read for every parent on how to teach their children to be healthier eaters.

The Story Behind Unjunk

Bernadette’s mission to create a positive largescale impact on health has always been her driving force. As a busy mother of four, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and continues to accumulate credentials as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AFMC-certified Functional Medicine Coach. But no amount of education or professional experience could have prepared her for the struggles she had to face as a modern-day parent trying to raise healthy eaters, and after speaking to many other parents, she knew she wasn’t alone. If she truly wanted to help her children as they grew older and more independent, the only real solution was to let go of control and empower her children to make the right food choices for themselves, which she hoped to achieve by educating them and raising their level of awareness about the food debate.

She also realized that if she truly wanted to create change and make a positive impact, not only on her children, but on society at large, she knew she had to share her experiences, knowledge and proven strategies as a mom and health professional, with other parents, teachers and authority figures – in fact all those who have a moral responsibility to educate children about healthy living. This book is her gift to you, your children and society to help raise awareness and be the catalyst for change. UNJUNK provides you with the tools and resources needed to raise healthy eaters without the frustration and confusion of having to figure it out all on your own. Through her step-by-step approach revealed across nine chapters, with plenty of checklists, scripts, visuals, and fun exercises to consolidate a child’s learning, you will be armed with the know-how to navigate your way through the food industry, negate the outside influences and transform your family’s nutrition and overall health.

About Unjunk

In a world where the food industry values profit over public health, parents face a tremendous challenge raising healthy eaters. Driven by the continual temptation to consume junk food and sugar, it’s no wonder society is facing a health crisis. Thankfully, there are rational voices trying to turn the tide. UNJUNK: How to Raise Healthy Eaters in a Processed World is a catalyst for change and a go-to resource for parents looking to empower their children to make sound food choices for themselves.

Health advocate and mother of four, Bernadette Abraham, educates the reader on the food industry, and explains which foods to avoid, which to encourage, and how to transition to healthier eating. Her practical approach, with feeding strategies and budget in mind, recipes, and even puzzles and games for children, offers a comprehensive and entertaining platform for change. She provides guidance on how to unjunk your kitchen, buy, stock, and prepare the most balanced health-giving foods, acknowledging the inevitable resistance these changes summon. Complete with proven strategies on how to overcome negative outside influences and make a collective difference, her debut book helps you break free from society’s afflicted food culture and gives you the confidence to transform your family’s nutrition and overall health.
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